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High Production Capacity

With 23 years of experience and expertise, this way we came by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground, from Europe to America, from Africa to Asia, our products meet the final consumers in 56 countries. Again to new horizons is our main principle to proceed with the same angle of view.

Our Mission

As Iseri Kâgit, we aim to improve and renovate our company and our field of production in order to keep up with the constantly evolving and advancing worldwide quality standards. By following the scientific studies conducted in health science worldwide, evaluating and applying them on our ...

Our Vision

By sustaining our investments in Turkey, continuing to be the brand that you trust. As Iseri Kâgit, our Turkish brands Silyon/ Rüya abd CleanPack, to be among the exceptional brands worldwide, and make every necessary investment to achieve this goal. According to our principles, to keep on ...